Sound Off

Sound Off for August 26, 2016

So can the rest of us

Ryan Lochte is better off being dropped by Speedo than actually dropping his Speedo. You can recover from the former.

Burying the lead

Great job, L-E. You buried the story on Hillary being paid $156 million to talk to people outside the U.S. government. This headline news was found in a 40-word column on page 10A.

Selective scrutiny

Is it just that the sheriff wants only his chosen auditor to audit him? I think we’re getting the picture now. Kind of like telling the IRS you don’t like its auditor.

Strength, smarts not the issue

I have never had a problem with a strong, intelligent woman. The ones who caused problems were the lying, scheming women like Hillary.

Second thoughts

You have to wonder if even Bernie might be kicking himself about leaving Hillary’s e-mail scandals out of the debate agenda.

Fund your own crusade

If Republican politicians want to keep witch-hunting Hillary’s record over and over, to no avail, they should use their own money, not the taxpayers’.

Relative paragons of statecraft

Where are Joe Biden and Mitt Romney when we need them?