Sound Off

Sound Off for August 27, 2016

Think about it

At the Democratic Convention in 2008, if Barack Obama had featured five children from three different women, Republicans would still be talking about it.

Good bet: Left

How many Democrats does it take to change a light bulb? None. They can’t figure out which way to turn it.

Neutral view

If council is going to hire an independent auditor it is critical that it be from out of town. This is too politically charged locally to do otherwise.

Doesn’t work

This sounds hateful, but Georgia should be suing DOJ over ADA. Teachers waste time "babysitting" behavior-disordered kids instead of teaching students for whom an education is more than just a worthless piece of paper.

Pick one

The Republicans' agenda in four words: "Lower wages, higher rents." The Democrats' in two: "Empty promises."

Hissy fits

Highly educated mayor and city council hissing back and forth about cats. Handsomely paid lawyers charging taxpayers millions, hissing by the hour. Sheriff, sometimes called highness, suing taxpayers. Everyone Hissing.

Loving legacy

Let's all do our jobs well and treat people kindly. For our dear Ron.

Fast exit

Ryan Lochte left Rio with such speed that people are calling him the white Usain Bolt.