Sound Off

Sound Off for August 28, 2016

Thin, slippery and cracking

Hillary probably wakes up every morning thinking, “Please don’t let this be the day I screw up — please, please, please let me make it through the day.” She is clearly tiptoeing on ice.

Show us the bills

Print the attorneys’ fees bills for representing Sheriff Darr in the Ledger-Enquirer. The hourly rates seem preposterous.

Looking ahead

Looks like it will not be long till Peachtree Mall will be torn down to make room for the soon to be CSU football team.

Out of our pockets

I am sick of people who treat Columbus as their personal cash cow, suing the city every time that things don’t go their way. Taxes will have to increase to pay our legal bills.

Never to be forgotten

A shining star, Ron Anderson will forever sparkle over Columbus, Georgia. And for eternity, he will dance in Heaven.

Ego and ambition

Hillary does not care one thing about the people of this country. She wants the presidency so she can brag and say she was the first female president.

Bottom of the moral abyss

Just when you think ISIS can’t possibly sink any lower into the abyss of the subhuman cesspool, they always find a way to do it. Now we hear they are using children as suicide bombers.

Still needs work

Columbus has a sign ordinance, a billboard ordinance, Trees Columbus and Keep Columbus Beautiful. Why do we have such a visually polluted, ugly town?

Free pass

Grandfathering means “letting someone avoid the new proposed tax hook.” I thought you knew.