Sound Off

Sound Off for August 30, 2016

Good luck

Corrupt or crazy. Hold your nose and take your pick.

Same principle

If Trump can build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it, then shopping malls should install a metal detector at every entrance and force the NRA to pay for it.

No way to tell

Bill and Hillary made $153 million on 729 speeches (2001-2015). George W. made $15 mil for 140 speeches (2009-2011). We won't know how much Trump has made because he won't release his tax records.

Home supply

We would have plenty of oil if we were allowed to drill in our own country.

boomer bust

FM station 95.3 has gone from oldies to country music. What are we baby boomers supposed to do for our oldies fix? My CDs are getting repetitive.

Schmooze time

I wonder how many millions of dollars have been spent by lobbyists while Congress is on their break. By that I mean on the golf course where they really do their work.

Odd juxtaposition

In light of recent stories in L-E about job cuts at TSYS, it's strange to see that name and "job security" in the same sentence as found in August 28 "Job Spotlight."

Memory Lane

I enjoyed Walter Thorne's comments regarding the late Joe Price. Although I was not a band member, I also graduated from Jordan in 1968 and can still hear them playing “Saint Louis Blues.”

Same offense

Ryan Lochte's sponsors dropped him for bringing shame and dishonor to his sport, his teammates and his country. When are the sponsors of the San Francisco 49ers going to do the same because of Kaepernick?

Any day now

Now that Hillary has had her first intelligence briefing I guess it will not be long before China has all our secrets.