Sound Off

Sound Off for August 31, 2016

They were here first

What would have happened if the Native Americans had built a wall to keep immigrants from entering America over the past several centuries? What if they decide they want their country back?

Rebel without a clue

Kaepernick: “you can become a cop in six months and don’t even have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist.” Just proves how completely wrong he is on the whole issue.

Slippery slope

Robert Simpson: “... we ought not to cling needlessly to inconsequential things that serve to pull us apart.” So where do you draw the line? Today “Dixie.” Tomorrow, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, Old Glory ...?

The saga continues

The photo of Scumbag Carlton Gary being brought into court by the deputy directly behind him was priceless. The look the deputy had on his face tells everyone how good people feel.


I hope that Darr and Countryman realize that the reason the city doesn’t have money to fund activities to keep our youth out of trouble is because of their stupid lawsuits that are bankrupting Columbus.

Seriously, Senator?

I’m afraid Senator Perdue showed a lack of intelligence in his blind support of Donald Trump. What has he been smoking?