Sound Off

Sound Off for September 2, 2016

Drilling away

News Flash: We drill oil all over the USA: there is a glut of domestic production: we drilled baby, to excess. Gasoline is cheaper than milk. Get facts straight: remember, Fox News doesn’t.

Subhuman brutality

I hope those five who robbed, beat, and burned that elderly Grantville woman are sentenced to death if convicted. There’s no room on this planet for scum such as that. The sooner, the better.

After the high and mighty

When will Senator Perdue talk to us common folk at a town meeting? Just wondering.

Given the choice ...

Candidate A would be best for improving our economy and safety, but insulted some people. Candidate B is a liar and crook who will increase handouts and encourage a surge of unidentified foreigners. Choose A.

From ‘Great Again’ America:

Dear President Trump: I can’t wait till you’re elected so I can park my new Cadillac in front of my doublewide. My buddies and I can watch ‘rassling and NASCAR on my new HD TV.

I’ll take my chances with the skeeters

I would rather live in the Zika zone in Miami than to live in New York City.

Pick one

Hillary sleeps. Obama plays golf. Trump helps flood victims.