Sound Off

Sound Off for September 3, 2016

Just the man

If Donald Trump needs an honest, truthful, moral, and experienced monitor for the crooked side of the election, there is someone in Georgia. He has done this around the world. His name is Jimmy Carter.

On our dime

I’ve heard it all now … jail inmates had a Popcorn Night for “behavior modification.” Seriously? I’m not working day-to-day for my tax money to go toward throwing popcorn parties for criminals.

Bogus threat

Barnes doesn’t know what he is talking about. I bet he couldn’t find any records of a child bitten by a cat with rabies.

Speaking for ...?

Hillary and her supporters will have to face the ultimate judge one day and I’m pretty sure He is not a liberal appointee.

My choices

I hope the first two people Donald Trump deports are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.


Why so many anti-Trump articles and cartoons but nothing on the Clinton scandals? Biased Ledger Enquirer?

Hell tech

If your children are on the Internet, beware … they are directly worshipping Satan.

Change plans

To the Muscogee County School District: “Shut up and say yes” should be “Listen and say no.”

Easy vote

Say naw to the thaw.