Sound Off

Sound Off for September 4, 2016

Is any brew strong enough?

We need to develop a coffee containing a truth serum, which we could give to all politicians to make them stop lying. We could call it decrapeinated coffee.

Not in politics, we should hope

National media should thank Donald Trump. Forty percent of the national news has been about Donald Trump. If they weren’t talking about Trump, they’d have to talk about the Kardashians.

Cost-saving justice

Since it's so easy to accidentally overdose on Fentanyl or heroin, why don't we use those to empty death rows across America? No more hassling with companies refusing to sell pentobarbital.

Will the expense end?

I’m sick and tired reading about Darr. Assuming that we can get rid of him through the election, is the city still going to be obligated to pay his attorney’s fees?

Safety hazard

One of these days I’m going to accidentally hit a bike rider, runner or pedestrian on Broadway because they all think they have the right-of-way.

His rights ... and ours

Kaepernick has the right to believe we are a racist nation and we have the right to not buy NFL merchandise or sponsors' products advertised during NFL games until they sanction him.

Pay it forward

Charity begins at home. Hillary should donate some of her Foundation money to the people in Louisiana.

Another ratings boost

If the female announcers on Fox News lower their necklines any more and hike up their hemlines any further, they will pretty soon just be wearing belts.

Urban gridlock

My daily commute to and from work makes me wonder if I’m really in Atlanta.