Sound Off

Sound Off for September 6, 2016

Sigh in relief

What in the world will Sound Off do when the election is over?

Lesser evil

Our next president has three things against him: foot-in-mouth; distorted media that keeps him behind in the polls; wrong opponent. Still the best choice.


Trump not being politically correct is refreshing since political correctness is censorship. Mr. Trump has proven his acumen for business. The government is big business. Hey, it may work.

Greener pastures?

The attorneys representing Darr … can’t they find some ambulances to chase in Perry, Ga.?

Invisible ink

If the print on the movie schedule gets any smaller it will disappear.

He started it all

Thanks, FDR, for all of these social welfare programs. Not.

Climate control

This I will tell you: When I am elected president, there will be no more floods.

Values voters:

Hillary said in a speech that she is the best candidate to uphold American values. Can anyone tell me when we made lying to the FBI an American value?

On his own

Kaepernick’s offensive line needs to lie down on first play he is in on and let the defense take care of him.

Low and lower

We keep hearing how “historically unpopular” Clinton and Trump are. Clinton may be a bit underwater, but Trump is sitting on the bottom with the catfish.

Royal favor

Queen Clinton is so fortunate to have mass media all on her side.