Sound Off

Sound Off for September 5, 2016

It’s a party thing

Democratic Mayor is doing to Sheriff Darr what all Dems do to their opponents. They destroy them with the sensationalized media.

Light and dark

Trump’s basic character is vile; he springs from darkness and gravitates toward whatever casts light, even if it’s a dumpster fire.

It works

Thank you, Mayor, for the TNR cat program. It must be difficult to deal with ignorant animal-haters like Barnes.

Politics of dependency

It’s sad that the Democrats have been able to fool so many generations of Americans and keep them struggling through life.

Take comfort

Give life a chance. For those it applies to, hang in there, trust in the Lord and please, be happy.

What’s the point?

I have yet to understand the need for driverless vehicles. What do we need driverless cars for anyway? I can think of people it would put out of business — is it to eliminate jobs?

Thoughts, prayers

I live in Phenix City. God Bless the bus driver who was killed and the two precious children killed in a separate accident. My prayers are with them all.

How it works

I like my new government-mandated water-saving toilet. Because it refills more quickly, I flush it much more often. And sometimes I double flush it just to make sure.

Party of one

The Clinton Foundation has earned accolades. Donald Trump’s foundation is Donald Trump.

Why they’re there?

It’s a crying shame people get in trouble, go to prison, then demand better food and popcorn.

Skeleton inventory

Most people have skeletons in the closet. Hillary’s skeletons require a warehouse.

Quid pro quo

I will listen to Republican accusations regarding the Clinton Foundation when Trump releases his tax returns.

A non-issue

I couldn’t give one red cent to know about Trump’s tax returns. Folks, get off your soapbox.

Dead on point

Tuesday’s editorial cartoon was right on the mark. Kaepernick didn’t stand up for the Anthem because of “racial inequality.” He’s asked, “Will you give up your paycheck because of income inequality?”

Just wondering

Food for thought: How many people who work for Trump have had their immigration papers checked?