Cottonmouths coach 'Boom Boom' Bechard throws things, is ejected from Thursday night game

Thursday night’s Cottonmouth’s game was exciting for more reasons than the 6-3 victory over the Pensacola Ice Flyers.

Late in the period, Snakes goalie Shannon Szabados was run over by a Pensacola player but no penalty was called, resulting in a tirade by Columbus coach Jerome Bechard that included a water bottle being thrown on the ice, Bechard coming off the bench to yell at referee Stephen Thomson and Bechard throwing his coat on the ice after receiving a game misconduct penalty from Thomson.

After the game, Bechard explained some of his outrage to Ledger-Enquirer reporter Soseph Myers:

"What made me mad wasn't even that (Szabados) got run into," said Bechard, whose team is now 18-5-1 at home this season. "We got a penalty for shoving a guy in the back after our guy got hooked the whole way down the ice at the other end. I'd told my guys to not chirp at the referees and then I went and did it. I'm glad they came back and got me out of the hole."

Despite the setback, the Cottonmouths cinched second place in the Southern Professional Hockey League standings last night.Bechard has been head coach of the Cottonmouths for 10 seasons and has lead the team to two SPHL titles. As a player, he spent his career as a minor-league enforcer who racked up thousands of penalty minutes (2,734 over 22 years to be exact), earning the nickname “Boom Boom.”

Szabados, however, seemed grateful.