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No changes to Jordan-Hare Stadium for 2017 football season

The clock has run out on proposed renovations to the North End Zone at Jordan-Hare Stadium, but only for the 2017 football season.

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs discussed the state of the project with reporters before his appearance as a guest speaker at the Montgomery Quarterback Club Tuesday night.

“With four of our SEC games coming in here two of which being Alabama and Georgia, I don’t want to disrupt anything for the ’17 season,” Jacobs said.

A survey went out to fans at the end of last season to gauge their support for a project that would add new video boards, walkways, concessions, club seating, a dedicated recruiting space and other amenities to the north end zone at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

“Matter a fact I had a meeting about that yesterday,” Jacobs said. “We are continuing to work on that. We have the same goals in mind — we want to create a great fan experience, we want to have a great place for our football team to play and a great experience for our recruits. We are going to keep working towards that.”

While the feedback from fans was largely positive, Jacobs acknowledged there were concerns from season ticket holders in the North End Zone.

“Some of our grassroots donors and grassroots fans have been sitting in the north end zone for quite some time,” Jacobs said. “I have a lot of respect for them cause that’s where I sat when I started coming here. That’s where my great uncle had tickets in the north end zone because that’s all we could afford. I’m very sensitive to them so we have to make it good for everybody. Sometimes that’s hard to do, but we are smart enough to figure that out.”

The North End Zone project was one of the facility upgrades Jacobs talked about when he introduced his “16 for 16” plan back in January.

When Auburn has a set of concrete proposals in place, the plan will go out to the fans to determine if it’s financially feasible.

Jacobs didn’t outline a timeline for that to take place.

“As we move forward and we get the pro forma like we want it we will announce what the options are and they will decide,” Jacobs said.

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