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Carl Lawson will announce NFL decision via social media after consulting family

Auburn defensive lineman Carl Lawson is ready to move on from the 2016 season.

The talented defender just isn’t ready to interested in sharing what his next step will be.

“Season is over there’s no need to be stressed anymore,” Lawson said. “For any player, win or loss you can find comfort knowing you left it out on the field.”

After Auburn’s 35-19 loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, Lawson declined to his address his future for the third time this month.

“I got to go talk to my family about that stuff,” Lawson said. “I’m still thinking about this past game.”

Lawson declined to answer a follow-up question if he has made up his mind about whether to stay or go.

“Like what I told him, I have to talk to my family and if I do anything I’ll probably post it on social media like I did last year when I said I was coming back,” Lawson said.

Lawson announced his return for the 2016 season on Twitter using a clip of a Leonardo Dicaprio speech from “Wolf of Wall Street.”

“You know what? I’m not leaving,” Dicaprio’s character yells. “The show goes on. This is my home!”

Lawson’s disinterest in talking about his NFL plans extended the Sugar Bowl itself.

Players who participate in the game are supposed to be available for 30 minutes in the locker room following the game. Lawson stayed in the shower for 25-plus minutes while his teammates talked with reporters.

He briefly answered questions at his locker room turning his back on reporters multiple times. He spent less than three minutes answering questions and kept all his responses to a few short sentences.

“They just did a great job, they beat us in all three phases,” Lawson said of the game.

Lawson’s most detailed answer came when asked about Baker Mayfield.

“He was a tough guy, but we shot ourselves in the foot with penalties and not getting the guy down,” Lawson said. “He’s a great quarterback, but we shot ourselves in the foot.”

Lawson did address the offside flag he was called for on a third and 27 where linebacker Deshaun Davis tackled Joe Mixon at the line of scrimmage.

When Oklahoma replayed the down, Mayfield hit Mixon out of the backfield on a wheel route for a 32-yard gain.

Mayfield tied the game up with a 13-yard pass to Mark Andrews with 11:24 to go in the second quarter.

“They hit me with offsides for lining up offsides not jumping off,” Lawson said. “My offsides penalty and I think someone else had an offsides penalty. That contributed to that drive.”

Lawson ended his brief appearance promising better days for Auburn no matter what his decision ends up being.

“This team is resilient,” Lawson said. “They won’t quit.”

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