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Auburn football: Best of the week

AUBURN, Ala. — Now just one day away from Auburn's season opener, we can look back at the week that was.

We'll do this every Friday for the rest of the season, linking to the best quotes, stories and videos from Sunday through Thursday. It's obviously an abridged version of the immense number of items produced during the week, but this is supposed to be a short and breezy read, hitting on (what I consider) the highlights.



Left guard Alex Kozan, on how Gus Malzahn notices things other coaches would not:

"For instance, if we were to run a zone play most coaches would look at what their quarterback is doing, what are the running backs' and receiver's eyes doing. Where are their eyes? He'll notice what the right guard's foot placement is. Things like that. A lot of coaches will leave that up to the line coach. He'll pull you aside 15 minutes later and say: 'Hey, on that play, what were you doing?' That's impressive, I think, for any football player who has the opportunity to work with him."

Malzahn on whether he's placing any extra pressure on himself to win his debut game as the Tigers' head coach:

"It doesn't matter if it's the first game or any game. I want us to play. I want us to do things right, to be disciplined and protect the football, play hard. It's no different than any others, but I think it's common sense. We've got a team that had great struggles last year, so definitely it'd be great to get off to a good start."


Backup quarterback

Jonathan Wallace


willing to do 'anything' the team

the coaching staff asks of him.

The Tigers are still waiting to find a go-to receiver. Head coach Gus Malzahn said it won't happen until one of them can 'prove it on Saturdays' this fall.


Alex Kozan (Tuesday afternoon)

Gus Malzahn (Wednesday night)