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From the Plains to the pros: Nosa Eguae

Editor's note: Auburn has a rich history of sending players to the NFL. With that in mind, beat writer Ryan Black takes a look at each former Tiger that finds himself on an NFL roster (or should be once free agency and training camps shake out). The series will begin with those who have already been in the league for more than one season and conclude with the latest crop of players to land in the NFL, either through the draft or as an undrafted free agent.

Nose Eguae, Atlanta Falcons

Position: Defensive end

Drafted: Undrafted; signed with the Atlanta Falcons as an undrafted free agent in May

Career stats: N/A; rookie season

2014 outlook:

If anything, Eguae showed off his versatility last year. After spending his three seasons at Auburn as a defensive end, he moved inside to play tackle in the middle of the year, and from then on, alternated between the two positions. While he'll likely never see time at tackle in the pros, that willingness to do anything to help the team might just help him stick in Atlanta. And according to Auburn Undercover, Egaue

thinks he has a decent chance

of making the roster. What it will come down to is how many defensive ends the Falcons opt to keep; most teams carry four or five heading into a season. At last look, the Falcons had 10 ends on their official roster, so Eguae would likely have to beat out five (or possibly more) players to earn a spot.