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From the Plains to the pros: Greg Robinson

Editor's note: Auburn has a rich history of sending players to the NFL. With that in mind, beat writer Ryan Black takes a look at each former Tiger that finds himself on an NFL roster (or should be once free agency and training camps shake out). The series will begin with those who have already been in the league for more than one season and conclude with the latest crop of players to land in the NFL, either through the draft or as an undrafted free agent.

Greg Robinson, St. Louis Rams

Position: Offensive tackle

Drafted: Taken with the No. 2 overall pick by the St. Louis Rams in May

Career stats: N/A; rookie season

2014 outlook:

No one questions Robinson's talent. You don't end up as the second overall pick by mistake. Right now, however, Robinson is going through the growing pains that come with transitioning to a higher level. And in Robinson's case, another factor has amplified the learning curve: a new position. A tackle by trade, St. Louis has asked him to move to guard. Thus far, isn't going as well as the former Auburn left tackle would like. "It's frustrating that I'm not up to pace right now because the playbook is more intense and things are changing,"

Robinson told ESPN.com last month,

"but once I get back to where I'm comfortable, things will calm down and I can be myself out there." Robinson's struggles in the early going are to be expected. He


a rookie, after all. As he mentioned, he'll eventually settle in and these concerns will fade away. Once that happens, there's no ceiling on Robinson's potential.