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SEC media days: No new nationwide carriers announced for SEC Network

HOOVER, Ala. — In a presentation during SEC media days on Wednesday, ESPN senior vice president of college networks Justin Connolly extolled nearly every aspect of the SEC Network he could muster.

What he did not tout was a new carriage agreement with a major distributor. In a release, it was announced the SEC Network came to terms with independent cable operators LUS Fiber, Wilkes Telephone and PTC Communications. They aren't DirecTV or Comcast, however, two of the biggest providers in the nation which haven't agreed to carry the SEC Network yet.

But Connolly said time was on their side.

"Four weeks is ... a long time in the distribution world, especially when a network of this scope is launching," he said. "Accordingly, our push for distribution continues. We're encouraged by our ongoing conversations and discussions and we will provide updates as the list of partners grows."

While those negotiations continue, Connolly was pleased with where things stand as the SEC Network's Aug. 14 launch date draws near.

"We've built an incredible foundation of both content and distribution, (but) much work remains prior to launch and after we go live," he said. "In reality, the launch will be just the beginning of a constant process of evolving and further developing our network, which again is aimed at bringing the passion and excellence of the SEC on screen and serving SEC fans anytime, anywhere."