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Auburn football: Offense has the same approach regardless of score

AUBURN, Ala. — With Auburn’s recent struggles on defense, the offense has been forced to score at an frenetic pace in several shootouts.

Although some may think the high-scoring contests put an added sense of pressure on the Tigers’ up-tempo attack, offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee said the atmosphere on the sidelines remains the same regardless of what it looks like on the scoreboard.

"We kind of have the same approach we have on every possession: We try to score on every possession,” Lashlee said Sunday night. “So it's really no different, unless you're behind quite a bit, you're going to call a game the same way you normally call it. We've been in both scenarios. We've been in times this year where the defense has had to bail us out because we weren't playing good, and we've been in times where we have to keep scoring.”

For Lashlee and head coach Gus Malzahn, the focus is not about “playing the scoreboard” — it is about playing the team across the field.

“Each game has its own little personality of its own, and you do adjust to that to some degree,” Lashlee said. “But we're more or less trying to figure out what's working against their scheme and how we can get guys freed up in the running game and the passing game, more so than we're worried about the score because we're trying to score every time.”