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Quote Roundup: Auburn 2015 WR signee Ryan Davis

AUBURN, Ala. — Earlier today, we posted a story on Ryan Davis, one of Auburn's 2015 signees. Due to space purposes, we couldn't fit the entirety of last month's interview with him in the article.

So, not wanting to let his quotes go to waste, we've included them below.

On leaving Florida after leaving in the St. Petersburg area his whole life:

"I've grown up being a Floridian and used to the weather. I care for the city of St. Petersburg, which helped me grow into the person I am now. It's hard leaving this place. But at the end of the day, I know I'm making the right decision."

On how many times he visited Auburn's campus prior to committing to the Tigers on national signing day:

"My official visit was the first time."

On whether he worried he might not have visited Auburn's campus enough:

"No, that never crossed my mind. When I was there, I had a great time. I loved everything about it. One thing about Auburn is that it's definitely a college town. People love the football team and it showed the university it was everything it said it was. I liked that."

On what played the biggest role in choosing Auburn over his other finalists:

"It was really that I just trusted what the coaches were doing and what they have already done with the offense. I believed in what they have set for the future. I felt it was a better fit. They have quarterbacks in Jeremy Johnson and Sean White and I know they're bringing in a JUCO quarterback Jason Smith), too. So in Auburn, I know I'm getting. I know the situation I'm putting myself into."

On what area of his game needs the most work:

"Really, it's about lifting weights. I weighed in at 171 today and I was 155 on my official visit. They want me to come in at least 175 and see how I move with that. This is the most I've ever weighed. (Receivers) Coach (Dameyune) Craig asked me how I've been doing with this weight and I told him I was doing pretty well. So I'm ahead of the game so far with the weight."

On what weight the coaching staff wants him to be when next season starts:

"They said I could play with that weight (175 pounds). They (just) want to see it transition on to the field. I think they'll decide on my weight later. If they feel like I need to get to 180 to play in games, I'll get to 180."

On how familiar he was with Auburn's football history prior to his recruitment:

"I've seen them a little bit here and there. Watched them a lot when they had Cadillac Williams and Jason Campbell. And then I watched them a lot with Cam Newton and then during their national championship run (in 2013). And I saw them a little bit this (past) year."

On what he plans to major in at Auburn:

"Business management/sports management."

On his post-football goals:

"I want to build a complex here (in St. Petersburg) where guys can work out, train. Get a big indoor facility where guys can run routes. Start something like that so guys can come back and train after they've left. I've thought about it for a while.

"As to why, where I stay, you've kind of got to go out of the way to find one. There are training places here where guys can train for the (NFL) combine and stuff like that in Tampa, but I was thinking about how some days it's raining and I want to run routes, but there's no where to run because there's no turf room, at (an indoor) place like a dome. So I figured when I grow up and I'm done, I'd like to do something like that, a place where guys can come in and run routes in an indoor facility. Big enough — like a 100-yard indoor facility — and inside of that have a weight room where guys can come in, work out and get that in and the weather is never a factor. There's never a day you can't work out."