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Auburn's former Stars trying to find new homes, others cross-training

AUBURN, Ala. — In the 4-2-5 scheme former Auburn defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson used, he had a special hybrid position, known as the Star. But with that spot being eliminated with Will Muschamp bringing in his own system, the former Stars need a new home. Muschamp believes those players — which include Derrick Moncrief and JaViere Mitchell — will end up alternating between strongside linebacker and nickel.

But Muschamp said that will be the case at numerous position, not just the wayward Stars.

"Y'all know me, we're going to cross-train a bunch of guys at different spots. It's more about teaching the concepts of what we do and how we do it, not necessarily putting a guy in one spot because you're going to have some injuries," he said. "You never want to be in a situation of just putting the next guy in because that's where he's repped. You need to put the next best player in."