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Auburn football team spends $755,119 to attend Birmingham Bowl

Auburn spent $755,119 to attend the Birmingham Bowl at Legion Field in December.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Auburn released a summary of its postseason expenses Monday afternoon.

The two-page report includes an itemized listing of the various costs to participate in the game. The university spent $139,219 on transportation expenses and $448,015 on meals and lodging for the football team and staff (255 people) along with the band and cheerleaders (438 people).

Smaller expenses included entertainment ($3,998), promotion ($4,315), awards ($40,224), equipment and supplies ($21,036), administrative costs ($11,832) and tickets absorbed ($85,300).

The ticket absorbed cost to the university represents tickets purchased for players’ and coaches’ family members, university staff and band members.

Auburn sold out its initial allotment of 8,500 tickets in less than a week and sold through an additional 4,448 tickets bowl organizers made available to the university. Tickets for the game were priced at $50.

The cost of Auburn’s postseason trip was significantly less than in previous years thanks to the game’s proximity to the university and shorter length of the trip.

Last year, the athletic department spent $1.67 million on a trip to the Outback Bowl. The program’s trip to the 2014 BCS title game cost $3.13 million.