University of Alabama

Alabama football notes: Crimson Tide returns to basics

Two-a-days began Tuesday for the Crimson Tide as the team returned to the basics.

The long day began with a 10:30 a.m. practice in full pads, followed by the other at 8:30 p.m. in just helmets and shoulder pads.

“The first five days at practice we do a lot of installation. I think we probably reached sort of overload, especially with some of the young players,” coach Nick Saban told reporters. “That’s sort of the Gestalt theory of learning — whole, part, whole — throw it up against the wall, see what sticks, throw it up against the wall again, see what sticks again. Do that multiple times and you get more learning that takes place and occurs.”

The only player who couldn’t participate in the second practice was Mark Ingram, who didn’t have the five practices required by the NCAA to take part in two-a-days. He missed two workouts during the weekend to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

Tebow’s hair

Through the whole Heisman Trophy process, Ingram became friends with 2008 winner Tim Tebow. The two still talk to each other on occasion, but the subject of Tebow’s new haircut has yet to come up.

As of Monday evening, Ingram said he wasn’t even aware rookie hazing left Tebow’s hair looking more like a monk’s than a prized quarterback.

Ingram only laughed when reporters gave him the description.

And when he lands in the NFL, Ingram said not to expect a similar outcome for his ’do.

“They’re not touching my head,” a laughing Ingram said. “I’ll go get them some doughnuts or take their pads, but they’re not touching my head.”

Sports Illustrated

Alabama football again landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

It’s the fourth time since November that Tide players graced the cover of the famous weekly. This time it’s the college football preview edition that features Mark Barron, Dont’a Hightower and Marcell Dareus. The three stand above the headline “Crimson Tide has the defense to win it all,” and beside the top 10 ranking with Alabama on top.

The issue will hit newsstands today.

Ingram appeared on the cover of the August issue of SI for Kids after twice landing on the top of the flagship publication.