University of Georgia

Georgia players stay out of trouble off the field


Georgia began preseason practice with one of its strengths being in numbers, partially thanks togood behavior off the field.

The Bulldogs went without an arrest from the spring through the beginning of preseason practice. In fact, the last Georgia player arrested was defensive back Shaq Jones, who was charged with shoplifting. Head coach Mark Richt subsequently dismissed Jones from the team.

So far, so good for the Bulldogs in the player behavior department in 2015.

"I'm thankful our guys did a good job in that regard," Richt said. "When you talk about a lot of things need to go right in the off‑season, that's one of them besides staying healthy. If you have a bunch of guys that didn't do what they're supposed to do socially and off the field, it creates distractions. It also creates a lack of depth sometimes if you're playing without some guys because of those two reasons. At this point we haven't had a lot of either one. So going into camp, we're in pretty good position. A week in, we may have all kinds of injury issues ‑- God forbid ‑- but you never know what's going to happen once you get started.”