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Dent, Sturdivant could return for Georgia's opener

ATHENS, Ga. — Akeem Dent and Trinton Sturdivant could each return for Georgia’s opener next month.

How much each would play, however, remains up in the air.

Dent, a starting linebacker, had surgery on a toe he injured in an off-field accident in July. Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt said Monday that there was “a chance” Dent could be back for the Sept. 4 game against Louisiana-Lafayette.

“This guy, he deserves to have a real healthy senior year. We need him quite frankly. He’s one of our better leaders, and one of our better players,” Richt said.

Sturdivant, an offensive lineman, is coming off a second straight knee surgery, the most recent one after last year’s season opener. Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said Sturdivant was being phased in slowly, splitting reps with the first unit.

“It’s not making sure Trinton makes that first game, it’s making sure that he’s ready to be a contributor that whole season,” Bobo said.

One a day works

Richt went on a lengthy discourse to defend only having one two-a-day practice this season. He pointed to NCAA restrictions and the fact that most NFL teams rarely have two in a row.

By the sounds of it, however, Richt’s players didn’t need much convincing.

“I think it’s great,” tight end Aron White said. “It’s always the dog days of summer in Georgia whenever we get to camp. It always seems like every year a heat wave is coming in right when camp starts. And this year’s no different.”

Inquiry update

Richt said there was no news on the NCAA inquiry, other than no players would be held out of practice as a result of it. Typically, schools only hold players out of games if they are under such an investigation, in order to avoid a future vacated game.

“I just can’t say anything about the NCAA issue. We’re just kinda waiting it out,” Richt said.

The NCAA notified Georgia 13 days ago that it was going to visit campus to talk with a player about an unspecified issue. The player has not been identified. North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama are among the schools that are known to have had players interviewed as part of an NCAA investigation into contact with agents.

The other guy

While Aaron Murray is getting all the attention, the backup quarterback looked good in Monday’s practice — at least according to the team’s star player.

Receiver A.J. Green had nothing but praise for Hutson Mason, the true freshman who is listed second on the depth chart.

“Hutson looked real good,” Green said. “He’s just so quick with his decision, just being a freshman. Just the way he carries himself, he looked real good (Monday).”

Just joking

Tackle Clint Boling has been rated highly on some NFL draft boards, but the senior said he hasn’t been looking at them.

But Boling did offer up one quip on the subject.

“(Offensive line coach Stacey) Searels and I had a couple meetings with some agents,” he joked.