Bulldogs Blog

Welcome to the new blog site

If you're reading this, first off thanks. But also, it means that you've found the new site for the Bulldogs Blog, which is excellent news for both of us. Well, hopefully both of us.

This shouldn't mean any major changes at all. The presentation is a bit different, but otherwise this is still the same ol' blog; actually, still the same ol' two blogs, the same content shared by the Telegraph and Ledger-Enquirer.

Anonymous posting on the new blog sites will be allowed until early next week, when I will - barring major protest - re-institute the requirement that you register in order to comment. (There's a technical reason for having to wait until next week.)

All in all, we're hoping this is a very positive step forward for everybody. It makes it easier for me to post, as I can now post the blog once and it goes to both sites, instead of having to post to two different sites. And when I'm able to post quicker, that helps you get the info in a more timely fashion.

The presentation of the new sites is also a bit more professional. The Google blogger platform has served us well, but it was time to get on a company-wide platform. After all, this is a blog that supplements the coverage in the papers.

I'm sure some people will blanch a bit at the change, but just bear with us and trust me that this will be for the best. I'm also thinking of some ways to improve the blogging process this season, and am open to any and all suggestions. Overall, I think things are going well, but there's no reason we can't be better.

(And yes, I cut-and-pasted the previous three paragraphs from the old blog site. It's been a busy day, so kill me if I take a short-cut.)

If anybody has some comments, concerns or suggestions, post them below or feel free to e-mail me at semerson@macon.com.

Otherwise, business shall continue unchanged. In fact, I have to go work on my Sunday story previewing the start of practice. So ... toodles for now!

(Yes, I wrote "toodles." Apparently busy days turn me into an English fop.)