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Updated preseason practice schedule (and updated again)

Remember how the football office released a tentative preseason practice schedule a little while ago? Well, they're out with ANOTHER tentative schedule now, and the e-mail made sure to put "TENTATIVE" in all capital letters. So you know they're serious.

It doesn't diverge too much from the original one, but it does go into more detail on what kinds of practices they'll be. So for what it's worth here it is:

Thursday, Aug. 4: Media day, then first full practice at 4:30 p.m., shorts and helmets

(Note: The team announced Tuesday that the first practice had been moved up from its original 8 p.m. scheduled start.)

Friday, Aug. 5: 7:30 p.m., shorts and helmets.

Saturday, Aug. 6: shorts, helmets and shoulder pads.

Sunday, Aug. 7: p.m., shorts, helmets and shoulder pads

Monday, Aug. 8: p.m., full pads

Tuesday, Aug. 9: two practices: shells in a.m., shorts in p.m.

Wednesday, Aug. 10: full pads, scrimmage

Thursday, Aug. 11: shells

Friday, Aug. 12: full pads

Saturday, Aug. 13: two practices: full pads in a.m., shells in p.m. (Also, watermelon cuttin'.)

Sunday, Aug. 14: off

Monday, Aug. 15 (first day of classes): shells

Tuesday, Aug. 16: shorts

Wednesday, Aug. 17: full pads, scrimmage

Thursday, Aug. 18: shells

Friday, Aug. 19: full pads

Saturday, Aug. 20: Fans Picture Day. Full pads practice in a.m.

Sunday, Aug. 21: off

Monday, Aug. 22: full pads

Tuesday, Aug. 23: shorts

Wednesday, Aug. 24: scrimmage, full pads

Thursday, Aug. 25: full pads special teams practice

Friday, Aug. 26: shells

Saturday, Aug. 27: shells

Sunday, Aug. 28: off

Boise State week

Monday, Aug. 29: full pads

Tuesday, Aug. 30: Shells, Richt media luncheon

Wednesday, Aug. 31: shorts

Thursday, Sept. 1: shorts

Friday, Sept. 2: meetings

Saturday, Sept. 3: 8 p.m. kickoff, Georgia vs. Boise State.

Only the first two practices have a set time. But they're planning late afternoon or evening practices until classes begin, and then they'll move into a regular schedule of late afternoon on weekdays and mornings on Saturdays.

Also, freshmen will be able to speak to the media starting on Aug. 11. That's the day defensive freshmen will be available, and the following day the offensive freshmen will be. Including, hopefully, a certain tailback from Columbus.