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Wednesday morning paper: More on Jarvis

ATHENS - Georgia holds its first scrimmage of the preseason this morning, and although the media is not permitted in, we'll be given stats and will spend some time afterwards with head coach Mark Richt and the players. So whatever is gleaned from that we'll pass on.

One of the players we're expected to hear from is Jarvis Jones, who was the big story on Tuesday. Here's my story, with fresh quotes from compliance director Eric Baumgartner and teammate Aron White.

I wasn't too surprised that Jones was cleared. The more studying of the situation, it became apparent that Georgia could argue that Jones had a long-standing, pre-existing relationship with Tony Adams, who had purchased him plane tickets, a laptop and perhaps more. The only worry for Georgia was whether something else would come up in the investigation, a la the A.J. Green fiasco of last year.

But in this case, Georgia was able to be on top of the inquiry from the beginning, whereas last year it was the NCAA doing the investigating. That's not to say that if the NCAA were involved they would've found something; Green's case last year was part of a wider agent crackdown by the NCAA, whereas Jones was kind of your typical "illegal benefit or not" case.

Now the question is just how much of an impact player Jones will really be.

A few other items:

What they're saying about Georgia: There isn't really much out there this morning, so I thought I'd link a story from my colleague Chip Towers at the AJC, who broke the Jones-is-cleared story yesterday. Chip also has a story this morning on the high-powered attorney that UGA had help from on the Jones case and other issues.

Story from elsewhere in the SEC: Unless you were living in a cave, you heard of Harvey Updycke, the Alabama fan who was charged with poisoning the trees at Toomer's Corner. Sports Illustrated has a long story out on Updycke, which paints h a more complex portrait of him. Here's a link to that story, although if you don't like clicking a lot - as I understand many of you reading the new blog format don't - then I recommend reading it in the actual magazine. You know, old school style. 

Song of the day: I'm going to give you another somewhat obscure today, by a somewhat obscure talent, this time Tim Blane. This is a mellow tune called "Drifting and Driving." If you've done a lot of driving this summer, as I have, you might find this song speaks to you a little bit.

YouTube flashback of the day: Studies have shown that everything is funnier and better with Benny Hill music. So here you go. Or maybe try this too. And I kind of like this too. (And yes, I was inspired by "The Daily Show" on Tuesday night saying that about the London riots.)

Interestingly, in real life Benny Hill wasn't actually known as that much of a ladies man; he kept to himself and ended up dying alone. But he obviously lived a full life, and his legacy lives on such that you could take the most somber event, put it to the theme from his show, and all of a sudden you can't stop laughing.

In fact, if an enterprising reader out there wants to get the Liberty Bowl film and set the Georgia offense to the Benny Hill film, I promise you, I will post it here.

Tweet I wish I'd written: "Hoping one of the players at Gamecock media day will announce he's taking it 2 days at a time. So far, all are settling for 1." - Heath Cline (@heathradio), a Columbia, S.C., radio host.

Inspirational quote of the day: "I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter." - Gabby Johnson, "Blazing Saddles"