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Jarvis Jones: 'I knew I was good the whole time'

ATHENS -Jarvis Jones says he didn't spend one day worried about the investigation that could have impacted his NCAA eligibility. So when he found out Tuesday he was officially cleared, Jones didn't call anyone to celebrate.

"Everybody was texting me," Jones said after Georgia's scrimmage on Wednesday. "I knew I was good the whole time."

Georgia spent more than a month looking into Jones' status after the Ledger-Enquirer reported that police records showed payments from Tony Adams at the Columbus Parks and Rec Department.

But Jones said he knew all along that his longstanding relationship with Jones and others at the Rec Department - going back to when he was "11 or 12 years old," would win out.

"If you've been reading the reports and everything, that definitely tells you that the people that were involved were in my life since I was a young age," Jones said. "It's been quite a while. They still mentor me, I still talk to them, they're still my family."

So that's why Jones said he knew the investigation would clear hiim to play.

"I knew I didn't do anything, I knew the situation was good from the get-go," Jones said. "There was just some business people needed to go through and investigate what they needed to do. And they handled it real well."

But the standout outside linebacker acknowledged that it was a weight off of him.

"Absolutely. Some of the people that it did effect, like some of the people that did know about it, they were kind of worried," he said. "Some teammates kind of asked me about it. Now it's over ... we can move on, and we can prepare the best way we can."