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Damian Swann: 'I know my time will come'

ATHENS - Here's a bit more seen and heard on Thursday after speaking to freshmen on the Georgia defense:

Damian Swann, cornerback

On the adjustment to college and earning playing time:  "It's kind of hard. But I know my time will come. I'm just sitting back behind the older guys, learning a lot, and just waiting my turn."

He's working at all three corner spots: "I have my days. I have days where I have mental lapse. It just comes with coming in early and trying to learn so much in a certain amount oftime. But it'll get better."

His strength/weakness: "Zone coverages (are a weakness). There's so much going on. And you have different responsibilities in zone. If you can tell me I've got a man, then I can play. I'm gonna strengthen up on all aspects of being a DB and make improvements."

Chris Sanders, cornerback

 His preseason: "I'm having a pretty good camp. Still in the process of learning. But overall I'm having a good camp, playing fast, quick, just being able to play on a collegiate level with these guys. It's a fast game."

The so-called Dream team freshmen: "I think we are the real deal. I'm not gonna just say the Dream Team, but Georgia period. I think we're all good. We do have a lot of skill guys, talent coming in from the Dream Team to help Georgia win the national championship. And that's all we want to do is help out."

He was only a three-star guy from most recruitinv services: "I didn't really pay attention to all the rankings. Because if you think about it, real life, reality, you're coming out here working hard, so I didn't really pay attention to that."

Amarlo Herrera, inside linebacker

 On the possibility of playing right away: "I haven't surprised myself. I'm really still trying to work hard, learn the plays. It's a lot, because he came from the NFL, so it's an NFL-type defense."

Ray Drew, outside linebacker

On adjusting from the 4-3 to 3-4, with involves big changes in footwork and other things: "I look back on my high school career, I don't think there was a day in my freshman year of high school that I didn't think about quitting. Now I'm here, and it's just starting over, I'm a freshman again. It's just gonna take steps, it's a progressive thing. I think eventually everything's gonna fall into place."

In addition, head coach Mark Richt had this to say about Drew:

"Ray's getting a ton of reps, he's getting better. He's kinda like all the freshman, every once in awhile you see something and say, 'Man he's gonna be good someday.'"

As for the freshman class as a whole, I asked Richt if he sensed the veterans were feeling the push from the highly-touted newcomers. He didn't see it that way:

"They see talent. I think they're more exicted than threatened by it. ... Everyone wants to fight for their job and playing time like that. But they also like to win."