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The morning paper: Cornelius Washington, Orson Charles, etc.

ATHENS - There are several stories to rehash here on the morning blog. I'll start with my feature on Cornelius Washington, the junior linebacker who passes "the look test," to use his own words. But now the question is when he'll put it all together.

The confident Washington says this is the year.  But to be honest, this is my favorite part of the story:

Earlier this month, Georgia cornerback Brandon Boykin was talking about the team’s leaders being a fun-loving group when he added, “There’s a couple people on the team that people are scared of.”

Boykin was asked who might that be.

“Cornelius,” he answered. “They don’t say stuff to Cornelius. Cornelius doesn’t play.”

(I hope Cornelius doesn't see this and cause trouble for Brandon. Or me.)

- Also, in case you missed it last night I finally posted my mailbag. Thanks for all the good questions, and we'll look to do another one in the next week or two, whenever we get a day off from practice.

- Meanwhile, a major story broke in college sports last night: The NCAA is looking into a massive Yahoo Sports report about a booster providing illegal benefits at Miami. If you haven't seen it, here's the main story.

Suffice to say, it's not pretty, and Miami could be in big, big trouble.

Georgia tight end Orson Charles is mentioned in the report, along almost a hundred other players. Most of them are current or former Miami players, but Charles is in there because he went on a recruiting trip to Miami, and the booster, Nevin Shapiro, says he showed Charles around his house, along with Charles' high school coach and teammate Robert Marve, a quarterback.

But Shapiro doesn't allege any improper benefits to Charles, and it appears that Charles is just on the periphery of this story and didn't do anything wrong. I still suspect Georgia will look into it just to make sure, but based on the report there isn't anything to worry about as far as his eligibility.

Okay, now some other items:

What they're saying about Georgia: Sports Illustrated's college preview is out, and Georgia does not make its top 25. But it's first two opponents get a lot of love: Boise State is No. 8, and South Carolina is No. 7. Four SEC teams are in the top 10, and seven total are in the top 25. ... Georgia is also notably absent from some other lists that the SI communications department provided, such as best game days, best games of 2011, best coach and best tradition. And fans will also not be happy to hear that Georgia Tech's Rambling Wreck comes in at No. 10 on the "best tradition" list.

Story from elsewhere in the SEC: I guess it wouldn't be right to not mention expansion. Here's a piece by longtime columnist Rick Cleveland of the Jackson (Miss.) Clarion-Ledger, opining that Texas A&M will end up in the SEC, and Virginia Tech makes the most sense as the next team.  

I personally wouldn't bet on Virginia Tech (the alma mater of several of my family members), for several reasons. The most important is probably that in the last round of expansion, the University of Virginia and the state government stuck out its neck to get Va. Tech into the ACC, rather than left in a decimated Big East. So it would be hard politically for Virginia Tech to leave a few years later. Not saying it wouldn't happen, but it would be difficult.

YouTube flashback of the day: Last week we brought you what we called the corniest video of the 1980s. Well, here's another one: "Baby I Love Your Way"  by Will Power, a duo that for some reason named themselves after a book by Nietzche. The woman singer is amusing enough, with her very late-80s loud hairstyle. But what makes this is the male singer. Judging by this video, he is fairly sure he's a male sex symbol for his generation. Why, he's the whole package! Rugged with his motorcycle, but sensitive with his long walks at sunset along the pier. And that mustache, and long hair! Fellas, don't show this to your ladies, because you will suffer so much in the comparison you will instantly be abandoned.

Song of the day: On the other hand, how about a song that not only stands the test of time, but seems ahead of it: "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes strikes you as a typical alternative rock song of the mid-90s, but it actually came out in 1982. That's astounding.

Tweet I wish I'd written: "Why doesn't the NCAA just hire Charles Robinson? He does all their work for them anyway." - Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun (@pat_dooley)

Inspirational quote of the day: "I think in time, I hope those people in retrospect will look back and see how much adversity we overcame. With the exception of SMU, I don't know many programs that overcame more than we did." - Butch Davis, then the head coach at North Carolina, reflecting on how he "cleaned up" Miami's program.