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Monday morning paper: Alec Ogletree validates the switch

ATHENS - It's the final week without a football game at the end of it. Ah, feels good, doesn't it?

We start the week off with a feature on Alec Ogletree, which delves into the question of whether it was a smart move to take a potential star safety and make him an inside linebacker. Todd Grantham makes the case that it was, with specifics, and is backed up by outside linebacker Jarvis Jones.

“I think moving him from safety to inside linebacker was one of the best decisions our coaches made for the health of our team,” Jones said. “He would’ve been successful at free safety as well. But I think him being at middle linebacker, it gives him a lot of range: he can run sideline to sideline, he can cover, he can come down and make the big plays. He can get off the blocks. So it’s really helping our defense and our team.”

Some other items to get your week started:

- Answering a reader question: Let's start another category. I know we do a mailbag on a regular basis. (Hopefully weekly during the season.) But sometimes I get questions via e-mail or Twitter and it's not fair to wait.

So Cameron Jordan asks on Twitter: "Any info on who's on the field from LBs and DL in the nickel passage? Robinson and Ogletree in the middle? Who at DE?"

Cameron, I think you'll see Robinson and Ogletree on the middle in almost any formation, especially because of the latter's safety experience. In nickel, I'd also expect Jarvis Jones, since he plays the Sam (strongside) spot that usually stays on the field on passing downs. But Cornelius Washington was the nickel-package linebacker too, so I wouldn't rule him out; but it's hard to see them taking Jones off the field. Finally, the DE will probably be a rotation of Tyson and Abry Jones, depending (I'm guessing) on how quickly Tyson develops into the type of edge rusher they're hoping he can be.

- What they're saying about Georgia: Some AP top 25 stuff. Chad Crippe of the Idaho Statesmen, who covers Boise State, didn't vote Georgia (or Florida) in his poll. Chad also posted a link to Georgia's uniforms for the game, and if you read the comment section, they don't really get much reaction from Bronco fans. ... Brett McMurphy of CBSsports.com posts his ballot, with Georgia at No. 16, and has a quick summation of Georgia.   

Meanwhile, a writer from the Florida Times-Union explains why he didn't put Florida in his top 25. (He did have Georgia in there.)

- Story from elsewhere in the SEC: LSU's quarterback situation is being complicated a bit by the fact that Jordan Jefferson, along with some teammates, are being investigated after a reported bar fight over the weekend. Here's the story from New Orleans. Obviously we have to let the facts play out, but if something happens to Jefferson because of off-field issues, then LSU's quarterback would be ... wait for it ... Zach Mettenberger. (And it might have been at some point this season anyway.)

- Song of the day: How about some Tears for Fears. ... "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." (Video here.)

- YouTube Flashback of the day: In honor of today's events, the opening scene of the first "Naked Gun" movie. You'll notice that of the four world leaders, circa 1988, that Frank Drebin beats up, three of them were dead or out of power, except Moammar Gaddafi. Now, apparently, make it four.

- Tweet I wish I'd written: "LSU QB Jordan Jefferson accused of throwing punches at 15 people in bar, hitting 4, source confirms." - @FutureJoeSchad.

- Inspirational quote of the day: "I want to share something with you: The three little sentences that will get you through life. Number 1: Cover for me. Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss! Number 3: It was like that when I got here."- Homer Simpson