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Starting 'isn't a big deal' to Crowell, but he's done it for awhile

ATHENS - There wasn't quite the same crowd around Isaiah Crowell as his first media session 10 days ago. But the curiosity remains for the freshman of few words, who looks like a sure bet to be toting the rock against Boise State.

But could he start? Richard Samuel, assuming his left quad injury is healed, is still the favorite for that, and Crowell said he's fine with that.

"Starting, it really isn't a big deal to me," he said. "I do want to play in the game, but that's up to the coaches."

If he doesn't start, however, it would break a streak.

"I haven't ever not started," Crowell said, tracing it back to his little league team.

He was six or seven years old at that point.

"I started out playing defense. I played safety," he said. "And then I moved in the middle of the season, my first year, I moved to running back."

And that's how it begun.

A few more notes from Crowell's meet-the-press session:

- No worries on the groin injury that kept him out of a few practices.

"Nah, it's good. I'm 100 percent," he said.

"I don't think it really set me back at all," he added later. "Because I was still lifting weights and getting treatment and getting mental reps."

- Crowell claims to be unmoved by all the hype surrounding him, and the expectations some fans may have for his debut.

"I don't put too much pressure on myself," Crowell said. "Really I don't care what people think, I just want to help my team win. So that's it."

- Crowell said he believes he's picking up the system pretty well, including pass protection. He was asked what changes now that Georgia is in scout-team mode, i.e. installation of the gameplan for Boise State.

"It makes my mind wander a little bit, so I have to pick up different protections of not all defense, but Boise State's defense," he said. "But I'll still be going 100 percent every play."

On this subject, head coach Mark Richt seemed a bit more hesitant.

"He just hasn't experienced enough of the situations that are gonna come down the pipe," Richt said. "Has he had a chance to see every blitz versus every protection that he needs to know and understand. And the answer is no, he's not. ... The good news is he's picking up things quickly and doesn't shy away from any kind of contact in pass protection. He knows the importance of it, and that's a good thing."

- He was asked what he made of the fact that people would be turning on the game to see about this Crowell kid, and if he was really that good.

"Well yes, it's kind of cool," he said. "But I try to keep my head on leveled, and try to stay working hard every day, and keep getting better."

- And yes, he's still wearing No. 1. As is Branden Smith.

"The media's the only people that's talking about," Crowell said. "Nobody else has said anything else to me about it."

- Quarterback Aaron Murray said everything he's seen - at practice - and heard - from teammates and coaches - have been great about Crowell.

"He looks good out there on the field in practice," Murray said. "He's confident. He's making some unbelievable cuts. Catching the ball very nicely. So I'm excited to see what he can do that first game."