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Call for the mailbag, pre-spring edition

ATHENS - Okay, spring break is over, and I'm tan, rested and ready. Well maybe not quite tanned. But as you may be able to tell from my tweeting - which by Sunday devolved into complaining about a Taco Bell commercial - it's time I had some football to talk about.

Georgia returns to practice on Tuesday, and will go at it for four weeks before G-Day on April 14. So before the Bulldogs hit the field, I thought I'd open it back up for an overdue mailbag.

As always, you can submit your queries in various fashions: By commenting below, sending me an e-mail at semerson@macon.com, tweeting at me at @sethemerson, or approaching me at the gym.

(This actually happened this morning. Well, he didn't actually have a question, he just wanted to know if I was Seth, and I was. I was flattered for a moment, thinking I had this very recognizable face, until I realized I was wearing a shirt from a Mark Fox media basketball game that had my name on the back.)

I'll post the mailbag on Tuesday before the first spring practice, so please get your submissions in quickly. Football questions are welcomed, as Georgia has many storylines and concerns heading into spring camp. You can also ask about the basketball program (men or women), baseball (one of you has already asked) or gerontology (my lovely fiancee' is ready to help out).

It's been too long, and I've missed these mailbags. So fire away.