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Mason still happy with his decision


- It was last fall, when Hutson Mason was already agonizing over whether to transfer, that he said the upcoming decision was keeping him up at nights.

Now that he's decided to stay, Mason was asked this week how his nocturnal habits had been affected.

"Sleeping 100 percent better," he answered with a smile. "In bed every night by 11. And sleeping all the way through."

Mason's decision to stay at Georgia was hinged on redshirting this year, so that he and starter Aaron Murray would have a year between them, and Mason would have a leg up to start in 2014. But here's the thing: So far this spring Mason is still taking second-team snaps, in fact plenty with the starters.

"Hutson, even though he's supposed to be redshirting, he's still working his tail off," Murray said.

The plan hasn't changed, according to Mason and head coach Mark Richt. As the spring goes on, and especially into preseason camp, redshirt freshman Christian LeMay and freshman Faton Bauta should get more snaps.

But for now, the coaches still want to get Mason ready just in case, and Mason is fine with that.

"A lot of things I discussed with coach Richt when we met and I was thinking of transferring was what if Aaron got hurt," Mason said. "But there were a lot of things we couldn't decide right there in his office. Hopefully that won't happen and we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get there. But I definitely think the plan right now is if Murray doesn't get hurt and he doesn't have to come out, it's 100 percent that I'm planning on redshirting."

Much of that also depends on how ready LeMay and Bauta would be. So what does Mason think of each?

"From LeMay's perspective, he's getting better every day and you're seeing those improvements from him," Mason said. "It's about this time, when I was here for a full year, that things started to slow down and I started to grasp everything. He's been here about a year and you can really start to see in his decision-making that he's getting better every day. And I think he's got a bright future. He's going to be a talented quarterback to compete with.

"And for Faton, like every other quarterback who comes in mid-year his head is probably spinning a little bit, like mine was. But Faton's an extremely bright kid. If you sit in the meeting room with Faton he picks it up like that (snapping his fingers), which speaks high of his intelligence. ... Any guy that can pick it up quick can get on the field as soon as possible."