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Jarvis Jones: Aiming high for his defense

ATHENS - My Sunday story is on Jarvis Jones, the star Georgia linebacker who neglects to actually act like a star. You can read it here at this link.

One part that fans might latch on to is this:

In the next breath, Jones drops a hint about his future:

"Man, we're young, he said of the Bulldogs defense. "I've still got this year and next year left."

Yes, he said "this year and next year." Jones had to leave the interview quickly, so we didn't get a chance to ask the follow-up. I would still hesitate to say this constitutes anything, because there's a long way between now and January.

There were a couple other snippets that didn't make the story:

- Jones, who said he was around 252 pounds during last season, is now around 240. It was noticeable, as he has a much thinner waistline.

- Bacarri Rambo thinks Jones will be better this year, and it will continue to help the defense as a whole.

“He was playing off his athleticism last year. He didn’t know too much,” Rambo said. “But now that he’s been learning, he has a year of being under coach Grantham being his position coach, it’s just scary the things he’s gonna do this year. People are gonna try to gameplan against him, but it’s gonna allow other people to make plays.”

- Defensive end Ray Drew also wants Jones to have a big year - so Drew can have a challenge.

“If he keeps working I have no doubt he can get it,” Drew said. “And I hope he does get it so I can come right behind him and break it the next year.”

- Jones discussed the food he ate at awards banquets in Connecticut, Ohio and Atlanta.

“We ate good. I mean, up there in Connecticut. I was with all the boys – Andrew Luck, (Justin) Blackmon, all of them. We ate really good," he said. "I think the best one was the Fox Theater. Man we had some steak, some mashed potatoes. I guess it’s because it’s the South. The South always has the best food.”

- So with almost everybody back from last year's defense, what does Jones thinks the goal should be?

“We’re gonna take this thing up another level and try to be the best defense in the nation,” Jones said.

- And finally, Rambo on who usually wins when they play video games.

“He thinks he’s good,” Rambo said. “We play NBA2K. Ask him how we beat him.”

I wish I could have, but Jones did have to go. But there will be further interviews.