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Hines Ward visits Georgia practice

ATHENS - As you can see from the headline, as well as the pictures posted above, one of Georgia's more famous alumni is visiting practice today.

Hines Ward, recently retired from the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers, has been around the Butts-Mehre building today. Players tweeted that Ward was around before practice - and Jarvis Jones tweeted a picture he took of Ward huddling with athletic trainer Ron Courson.

Ward played at Georgia from 1994-97, finishing as the program's second all-time leader in receiving yards. He also played some tailback and quarrterback.

He went on to a Hall of Fame-caliber career with the Steelers, making the Pro Bowl four times and winning two Super Bowl rings.

Ward and his former quarterback, Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, relived some old times: Specifically, Bobo said they pulled up a YouTube clip of a play from a Georgia-Auburn game.

"We were talking about a seam throw and how we used to run it. So we pulled it up and watched it," Bobo said.

I also jokingly asked Bobo if, given depth issues at receiver, he tried to get Ward into receiver drills.

"Yeah, we could've put a jersey on him and he might've blended in," Bobo said. "But you know, NCAA rules he can just stand and watch. You wish you could have him out there coach, but he can't do that stuff."

And okay, let me head off some talk before it gets out of hand: No, Ward is not going to be joining the Georgia coaching staff anytime soon. Maybe he has a future in coaching at some point, but the Bulldogs have their offensive coaching staff set for 2012 (and perhaps the foreseeable future.)

I could definitely see Ward in some television analyst role in the near future.