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Call for the mailbag

ATHENS - It's Masters week, which also means it's Mailbag Week. And yes, those two events really have no relation. But still, it's time for a mailbag.

Send me your questions, and I'll plan to post a mailbag on Wednesday, just in time for everyone to absorb my brilliant answers before they tee it off in Augusta ... Or the real Opening Day in baseball.

As always here is the proper protocol: You can post your questions below, you can e-mail me at semerson@macon.com, you can tweet at me at @sethemerson, or you can accost me at Subway.

There's plenty to talk about this week, as Georgia has reached the halfway point of spring practice. I'm also proficient in Georgia basketball, other Georgia athletics, fantasy baseball, the comedy stylings of Jim Gaffigan and the difference between flying ants and termites. (Sadly, I'm not kidding about the latter, thanks to an unfortunate event on Sunday.)

Let's have some fun. Fire away.