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Mark Richt and Mark Fox spring tour dates

ATHENS - It's that time, for what you've all been awaiting: The dates and times of the Tour of the Marks, and some other people, has been officially announced by UGA.

(Otherwise known as the Please Don'T Call It The Bulldog Club Tour. Or The Dancing Marks Brothers Happy Fun-Time Hour Tour.)

Anyway, here are the dates and locations for the appearances by head football coach Mark Richt, head men's basketball coach Mark Fox (most of the time) and other assorted UGA dignitaries.

Tuesday, April 17: Augusta (Richt and Fox)

Wednesday, April 18: Rome (Richt)

Tuesday, April 24: Albany (Richt and Fox)

Wednesday, April 25: Columbus (Richt and Fox)

Tuesday: May 8: Macon (Richt and Fox)

Wednesday, May 9: Charlotte (Richt and Fox)

Tuesday, May 15 (luncheon): Savannah (Richt and Fox)

Tuesday, May 15 (evening): Jekyll Island (Richt and Fox)

Wednesday, May 16: Valdosta (Richt and Fox)

Tuesday, May 22: Birmingham (Richt and Fox)

Thursday, May 24: Tampa (Richt)

Monday, July 23: Greater Atlanta (Richt and Fox)

You can contact the local alumni club, or go to http://www.alumni.uga.edu/ugadays, or call 404-814-8820.