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Bobo and Grantham appraise the spring

Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham spent some time after Saturday's G-Day game summing up the state of things after the spring. This is what each had to say on some burning issues that each unit faces:


- How the tailback did in the game, and how they stand now:

"Ken Malcome ran hard, ran through some tackles on both touchdown runs. Richard samuel, he is what he is. He's a bruiser, and he came in there and we were gonna pound him and he had some success. Isaiah (Crowell) showed his versatility, coming in and out. And Brandon Harton and (Kyle) Karempelis out of the backfield made some nice catches. What I've been saying all spring is it's good to have depth at that position. We have Keith marshall, who didn't get to play today, and we're really excited about him. The growth of those young backs. Isaiah and Ken (were) both young backs last year, and the growth and maturity of those guys has come a long way. We've still got a  long way to come with them and the whole offense and the whole team. But we'll stay together and work, we've got a chance to be pretty good."

- Does Samuel getting so many carries late in the game show that he's still a factor at tailback, for all the fullback reps he's getting?

"Well Samuel probably missed the last week of practice (with a concussion) and didn't get as many fullback reps as we'd like to get him. Ricahrd, you know, he's a bruiser. Late in the game - he's 235, 240 pounds - he's a big guy heading downhill like that, it's tough for our defense to tackle him. So there's a role in our offense for Richard, whether it's fullback or tailback."

- As far as the O-line, it seemed the first-teamers did OK for the most part, but the second-teamers kind of got a little overmatched at times. Does that speak to what Will Friend has talked about, that he feels he has about five or six guys he can depend on right now?

"Yeah, we need to develop more depth up front, there's no doubt. But like I said earlier, those guys keep fighting, keep getting better. A lot of these guys are just now getting reps for the first time. But that's linemen, it takes awhile. Fifteen practices is not enough to get them ready, that's why they call it spring ball. We've got 29 practices in the fall, so that's gonna be important to them. But we've gotta find us eight guys to get us to play. I'd say we got four to five right now that we feel good about. We've just gotta keep working to get more depth up front."

- How did this game kind of advance Christian LeMay in terms of confidence you may have in him to be an option behind Aaron Murray?

"You know, right now there aren't any decisions about backin gup anybody (or) who's gonna be the backup. LeMay, he's come a million miles from last year. It really hurt him not playing his senior year, being out. He was rusty. Just getting him back to where he's throwing the ball well, and routes (against) air, and individual (drills). He's throwing the ball extremely well. Now we're working to live reps, 11-on-11, scrimmage situations. He shows flashes, but we've gotta become more consistent there. And that's just being a young quarterback, and being rusty, and not getting reps. But he has ability.

"The one word I just said to him was: We've gotta work on being more consistent. Every play is not going to be a great play. But I was pleased with how he played today."


- When it was pointed out there were a lot of points in the game:

"Yeah, so?" (Smiling.) "The big thing is there were 10 points scored in the first half, and three of those came on a red-zone stop, really (after a turnover). Then it kind of opened up a little bit. I think it was a good evaluation. I think we put some guys in some positions and we learned about them. I think you've gotta use this as a preseason game and see what they can do. I think we learned about a few people, and I think we'll take the people we have here and we have the people we have coming in, and we'll make our lineups and we'll be ready for August when it starts."

- On Damian Swann, who played a lot of cornerback:

"I think he's had a good camp anda  good spring. He's gonna be a good player for us. I've been pleased with what he's done."

- How do you leave camp feeling about that cornerback spot with him, and with Malcolm Mitchell and Devin Bowman?

"I think Mitchell before he got hurt can be a dynamic corner. He's a really good player. He can obviously help us there. I think Bowman showed progress throughout the thing. So I was pleased with how he came on relative to last year. B-Smith for the most part I thought had a solid spring.

"So I think what we've gotta do is understand that we've gotta put them in positions to be successful in. You know, we've gotta make sure we get guys out there that can make plays. Based upon the guys that we've got and the guys coming in, we'll mix and match and move guys around."

- Who he learned about this spring?

"I learned about everybody. Everybody who wasn't a returning starter I kind of learned about. Because that's what you're doing, you're evaluating. For example, I already know what Jarvis (Jones) and JOhn (Jenkins) and Abry (Jones), I know what those guys can do. I know what Shawn Williams can do. But you've gotta find out what the guys that don't play all the time can do. For next year, if there's an injury, who's the next guy in the game. And how you match people up. That was the biggest thing that to me I learned. I think it'll help us make sure we get the next-best player on the field.

- Did Cornelius Washington play well enough at defensive end that that's not just an experimental thing this spring?

"Oh yeah. He's a versatile guy. He's athletic enough to play outside backer. But he's got enough size and strength and explosiveness and pad level that he can play as an inside guy. And what he does in there, is he's got athletic ability. So I think we'll continue to play him at both (spots) as we move forward, which gives us more depth, and gives us a chance to play some other guys. Like Ramik Wilson, who made an interception there in the first half, he's a guy we're looking at, at outside backer too. So I just think it allows us to get another guy on the field."