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Call for the mailbag

ATHENS - The spring game was three days ago, so I know what some of you are going through: Football withdrawal. Somehow  you survived January and February, but now there's the prospect of a football-less three months, and that's if you count the SEC media days as the unofficial start of football season.

(Those of us who cover it do.)

But we can provide your football fix until then, starting with a nice post-spring mailbag. Some subjects that may be worth tackling:

- Anything related to football. (Uh, obviously.)

- Other SEC subjects, such as scheduling.

- Other Georgia sports, such as ... well, try me.

- The future of the BCS. (A lot has happened that I haven't really blogged about because of the focus on spring practice.)

- Horticulture. (They keep calling for rain, so we don't water the plants, and then it doesn't rain, and now the plants may die. IF THESE TOMATOES DIE, MR. WEATHERMAN, I'M COMING FOR YOU!)

- Mad Men. (Uh, obviously.)

As always, you may submit your question via e-mail (semerson@macon.com), tweet (@sethemerson) or by posting it below.

I'll aim to post the mailbag on Thursday. Fire away.