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Twitter talk back: The opening edition

This is the first of a new feature on this blog: We post a question for fans, who voice their opinion via Twitter - or the blog or e-mail, if they wish - and responses are chosen to be posted here. The headline "Twitter talk back" is a working title, subject to change if we find something better. In any case, let's get it going:


I totally agree with the University. Last time I checked it was illegal to possess or consume drugs. Just ask #TCU.

- Todd Miller, @conyersdawg

No it's college. And Athens. It's the super heady dopey spot.

- Dave Tarter, @thisisthetarter

The policy is tough, but puts UGA at a disadvantage. There should be a blanket policy for the entire SEC (and it should be tough).

- Eric Streitenberger, @estreit4

Yes, these are individuals who are representing the University and as such should be held to certain standards.

- J.D., @jdmyers

The policy is NOT too tough, asking people to obey the law isn't out of the question. Wish other schools would get on board.

- Stephen Walters, @scwalters

Totally Support. What amazes me is the way some universities justify their lax policy. Oregon made theirs more lenient 2010.

- UGAprrthd2010, @UGAprtthd2010

I certainly agree with it though the lack of uniformity across the conference singles out our players as bad guys

- Andrew, @realwiseguy

Good policy. Highlights schools that wanna build young men and schools that wanna build football programs.

- Kevin Cone, @kevincone

They should do as their rivals do, or they should accept they're playing on a different level & adjust their expectations.

- Parrish Walton, @ParrishWalton

I'm glad we have a strict policy on drug testing, but I think the first failure should result in no suspension (like in the NFL) but require the player to maybe suffer some "internal discipline."  Suspensions should start with the second failure with the 4th one leading to dismissal.

- Granthamuga (via blog)

Nope. Law of the land, sure, but we have to redefine what's right and wrong here. Public opinion > political/religious agendas

- Tim Palmer, @remlampit

100% agree w/ Richt's policy. Weed is illegal, regardless of one's opinion of it. Do the drugs, do the time. Simple as that.

- BulldogBrock, @BulldogBrock

I don't agree with testing when the sport is not in season. i.e.: after spring break for FB players

- Blake Davis, @BDavis5

I feel that there is room to manage the process better and make sure that our student-athletes are positioned to excel.

- Chad Thompson, @DawgPhan

Policy is aligned with Univ. priorities. Wrong for fans to dwell on athletic policy when any changes would have to come higher up.

- Dawgsonline, @dawgsonline

Agree, just wish the rest of SEC would adopt the same policy. Don't agree with testing after spring break.

- Trey Young, @tyoung594