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Twitter talk back: A playoff

ATHENS - Barring a last-minute snag, college football is finally getting a playoff. Albeit only a four-team version, and not until 2014, and with details still to be worked out.

But it's still a "seismic change" in the sport, as BCS commissioner Bill Hancock put it this week. So how do people feel about this?

For my story in today's papers, I sought out reaction from five different points of view: UGA president Michael Adams, the legend Vince Dooley, head coach Mark Richt, a fan blogger, and a current player.

But I also asked for reaction via Twitter, asking simply how you feel about a four-team playoff. Here's what you said:


- Joe Mac, @Joe_Mac_

Band aid fix. They will have problems with better teams being left out due to people like #herbstreit politicking for teams.

- Michael Gates, @RecDawg34

Nearly an ideal scenario, since there are rarely more than 4 worthy teams, but forget about getting more than 1 sec team in.

- John Townsend, @ugagonnaeatya

I like it. Don't want to see it get stuck in mud though because of preserving the Rose Bowl tradition.

- Garrett Kee, @Gkee23

Not much will change. It appears as though the BCS will still choose the teams. Now the debate is "who's #4? Not who's 2?"

- Will Hodges, @willhodges1

God bless college football and it's future profits. Can't believe it's been this long.

- JB, @jb_2_me

It's about damn time! Anythin is better than the money-hungry BCS promoters, bowl games for those not competing for the title !

- Darshan, @dp2485

Good if it stops at 4. ... Which it won't. Regular season will still have meaning unlike bball.

- Trace Deighan, @TCDeighan

Progress is good but to use the BCS formula is still very flawed.

- Jesse Fortson, @JesseFortson

I'd rather see an 8 team playoff, with regionals in early Dec on campus, bowls as the semis, and the championship a week later.

- Dave Harding, @daveh1982

Im a big fan of it but somehow this will end up costing UGA a national championship.

- Champ Bergkamp, @GunnerDawg

Great now at the end of the year none of the best teams will feel cheated.

- Reggie P., @reggiepadv