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UGA president Michael Adams set to retire

ATHENS - Michael Adams, who has served as president of the University of Georgia since the late 1990s, is set to announce his retirement.

Adams plans to step down in June of 2013.

The reason to announce the retirement now is clear: Presidential search committees often take awhile, so this will give the school plenty of time to have an orderly transition.

Adams has been very active on the athletic side at Georgia. He is still unpopular among many fans for forcing out Vince Dooley as athletics director in 2004.

But Adams also presided over a school that improved in esteem across the country. He was also very active with the NCAA and SEC, and has been a vocal proponent for a college football playoff. Last summer he teamed with Florida president Bernie Machen to push for measures against so-called over-signing in college football.

Recently, Adams has also forcefully defended the drug-testing policy for athletes. The policy pre-dates Adams' tenure, but he said "it's important for people to know where our moral compass is on this issue."

At first blush, the retirement of Adams should not have any immediate consequences for the Georgia athletics program. Athletics director Greg McGarity was hired in 2010, and by all appearances had a good relationship with Adams.