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Call for the mailbag

ATHENS - This is the favorite time of the year for a college football writer: Because now we can refer to players by their updated class rank.

No more of this "Aaron Murray is a rising junior" stuff. Or writing around it, by saying "Aaron Murray will be a junior this fall," or the most creative version: "As he enters his junior year, Aaron Murray ..."

The spring semester is now over, so Aaron Murray is really a junior, Isaiah Crowell is really a sophomore, and so on.

(And please refrain from confusing things by pointing out that Murray redshirted, so technically he was already a junior, at least as far as academics. In fact, my head started to hurt writing that sentence.)

So anyway ...

(Also, for those wondering why not just turn the clock on player's year once the season is over, AP style prohibits that. And sadly we are prisoners to that. Same reason we have to spell it "Dogs," and not "Dawgs." The AP stylebook is the buzzkill at any sportswriter party.)

So anyway, let's have a mailbag. Some possible subjects:

- Post-NFL draft stuff.

- Hopes, concerns and general questions heading into the 2012 football season.

- The impact of Michael Adams' retirement on UGA sports.

- When you're watching "Good Morning America," and the latest hysterical report by Brian Ross comes on, do you just want to rush the TV screen and try to punch him? Is there any more alarmist reporter out there than Ross, who never misses a chance to turn any story into the next terrorist plot that will kill us all? Or am I alone on this?

- Recommendations for wedding songs: My bride-to-be and I are currently preparing our playlist for the reception, and while we have the obvious ones - "It Takes Two," by Rob Base, "Living on a Prayer," by Bon Jovi, and "The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald" - we still have plenty of room. We're also looking for a first dance song.

- SEC issues, "Mad Men", whether Brian Ross will stop until we're all killed, NCAA issues.

- Stuff. I don't know, just stuff.

As usual, you may submit your query by posting in the comment section below, or e-mailing me at semerson@macon.com, or tweeting at me at @sethemerson.

Fire away.