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Mark Richt finally re-joins the Twitter universe

ATHENS - The Twitter handle @MarkRicht has existed since Feb. 2009, almost around the time Twitter was invented. But it has received little use, despite gaining more than 30,00 followers.

That's finally changing. The handle came back to life on Thursday with the following announcement:

"Hey everybody I know it's been 1,072 days since my last tweet. But I've decided to get back on the tweeting trail! Stay tuned! Go dawgs!!"

Richt, or someone in his employ, has tweeted three times since then. And UGA spokesman Claude Felton confirmed that the handle is legit.

Of course, it may take some time for Richt to catch up to Georgia men's basketball coach Mark Fox, who tweets daily. In fact Fox re-tweeted Richt's "I'm back" tweet, then added in a separate tweet that he was "excited to welcome back @MarkRicht to Twitter."

Fox definitely handles his own tweeting. (I have personally been a few steps from him as he did so.) As for Richt, well ... perhaps that's a hard-hitting question to ask next week in Destin.