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SEC votes to pass 6-1-1 format

DESTIN - The SEC voted Friday to use the 6-1-1 football scheduling format as it moves forward with 14 teams.

Teams will play six division teams annually, have one permanent crossover rival and one game that rotates among the other six teams.

As expected, the Georgia-Auburn rivalry remains intact.

“I think every school has their own agenda, but at the end of the day I think it was what was best for the SEC," Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said. "There’s some quirks in the model, but everybody has to make an adjustment here or there. I think you build a conference to make it work for the best of the league. That was the consensus for everybody.”

Meanwhile, it was decided that under the SEC's new (but temporary) scheduling model for men's basketball, Georgia's permanent opponent will be South Carolina.

Georgia wanted it to be Florida or Auburn. But Florida was matched with Kentucky, and Auburn with Alabama.

That left the Bulldogs and Gamecocks, who will play twice a year for the next three years. After that, the SEC plans to revisit the scheduling model.

“There were so many dynamics there with Kentucky and Florida, everybody understands that," McGarity said. "It’s not a difficult thing to understand, so everybody was fine with that. It’s a three-year rotation, so we’ll see what happens after 3 years.”

The conference also took an official stance on a proposed four-team playoff when school presidents and athletic directors voted unanimously to support having the four best teams play for the national title. The conference doesn’t want a playoff to include ties to conference champions.