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Troy holds campus safety event

PHENIX CITY—The Phenix City Campus of Troy University will hold its inaugural Campus Safety Night Walk tonight to promote campus safety. The evening will begin a presentation by Cassandra Sales from the Crisis Center of Russell County regarding personal safety. Discussion related to understanding your surroundings, protecting personal property, safety rules, and personal protection devices is expected to arm students, staff and faculty with the knowledge to protect themselves. “As a university, it is our responsibility to impart knowledge to our students,” said Mary Ragland, dean of Student Services, “This event will inform them of how to protect themselves and in return TROY will benefit from their involvement in campus security planning.” Immediately following the presentation from the Crisis Center, faculty, staff and student volunteers will embark on a campus expedition to identify ways to enhance campus security. “Because our campus caters to the working adults in our community that are attending class in the evening, it is imperative that we focus on the unique challenges of securing our grounds for night classes,” said Tessa Brown, assistant to Vice Chancellor Curtis Pitts, the Campus Vice Chancellor. “The Night Walk will capitalize on the first hand perspective of our students.” The Crisis Center’s presentation is open to the public and will commence at 7 p.m. EDT in the Student Lounge adjacent to the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore. For more information please call 334-448-5106.