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Charter revocation hearing postponed again

A hearing on the possible dissolution of the Hurtsboro town charter has again been postponed.

Originally scheduled for June 23 but postponed until today, a Russell County Probate Court hearing on whether the 151-year-old town should continue to exist has been rescheduled to 10 a.m. EDT Aug. 18 with Macon County Probate Judge Alfonza Menefee presiding.

Five Hurtsboro citizens have petitioned that the town charter be revoked because its government has failed for three years to perform at least one of five basic functions listed in the Code of Alabama 1975.

Those functions include:

See that the streets and roads within its limits are kept in proper condition;

Provide a proper accounting of the levy, collection and expenditure of taxes or services in lieu of such taxes;

Provide adequate garbage pickup and disposal, thereby, creating a serious hazard to the health and welfare of all its citizens;

Provide adequate police protection, thereby, endangering the peace and well-being of all its citizens.

One of the petitioners is Russell County Constable Robert Schweiger, who has had a running dispute with Mayor Sandra Tarver and the Hurtsboro City Council for the last several years.