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Valley Preps Tournament Challenge: Join David's ESPN Tourney Challenge group

Alright, so the NCAA tournament technically begins Tuesday night with exciting games between North Carolina A&T/Liberty and Saint Mary's/Middle Tennessee.

So, what does that mean?

Well, mainly it just means that you have a couple more days to solidify your bracket. That's exactly what I found myself doing on Monday night. I was in the process of posting some picks on the blog when I decided it would be fun to reach out and see if any readers, local athletes, coaches, etc. would join in a group on the ESPN Tournament Challenge.

So began the Valley Preps Challenge.

Let me first say that, though I expect others get into tournament picks as much as I do and are equally competitive, this group is simply for fun. There is no prize awarded and this is not a competition affiliated with the Ledger-Enquirer. It's simply a competitive blogger reaching out to competitive readers and putting pride on the line. I will, of course, recognize the winner in a post-tournament blog post.

I urge all to join the group and, more importantly, join in banter on Twitter once the tournament starts. My handle is @leprepsports.

Here's how you join the group:

--If you don't already have an ESPN login, create one by clicking the link at the top right of the ESPN.com homepage.

--Go to ESPN's Tournament Challenge page

--On the drop-down list under "My Groups," select "Create or Join Group"

--In the window with the words "Search Groups," type the words: Valley Preps Challenge. Choose that group.

--Click the red tab in the middle of the page that says "JOIN THIS GROUP"

--Create a bracket and make your picks.

--Follow me on Twitter, and let the banter begin.

The deadline to make picks will be before the first game of the day on Thursday, so that gives you two days to make your picks. It's really easy and will be fun. Again, the winner will be crowned Bi-City Champion in a blog post following the tournament.

Happy picking!

Follow David on Twitter @leprepsports.