High School Sports

Joe Kegler looks to continue successful run at Carver

Coach: Joe Kegler, first year

Assistant coaches: Perre Coffey, offensive coordinator, Richard Reese, defensive coordinator, Carlos Jackson, Eric Allen, Donald Jones, Maurdrice McNeil, Dennis Tillman, Demetrius Jackson, Chad Spencer

Homefield: A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium

2012 record: 11-2, lost to Buford 31-7 in Class AAA state quarterfinal

Region: GHSA Region 2-AAAGood news: Dell McGee left this program in good shape and in good hands. This team is brimming with talented players who are receiving Division-I attention. With growth and continued progression, it has the potential to be among the top teams in the state for at least the next few seasons. Former offensive coordinator Joe Kegler, in time, should be able to manage this team just as well.

Bad news: It's hard to find much bad, but there is uncertainty at the top. The Tigers thrived for eight seasons under McGee, and no one knows exactly how things will go without him at the helm. Also, the team has a new quarterback, sophomore Jawon Pass. He is talented, but unproven. Still, there's no reason to think Kegler's Tigers won't pick right up where McGee's left off.

Our take: At risk of overhyping the team, I think Carver has a chance to do something special. If not this year, then very soon. It has a ton of talent and could, with proper progress, contend for it all.

--David Mitchell

2013 schedule

Aug. 30 Spencer (M) 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 6 Shaw (M) 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 13 at Colquitt County 8 p.m.

Sept. 19 Tri-Cities (M) 7 p.m.

Sept. 27 at Pike County 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 11 at Henry County 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 17 Southwest-Macon (M) 7 p.m.

Oct. 25 at Central-Macon 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 1 Peach County (M) 7:30 p.m.

Nov. 8 Jackson (K) 8 p.m.

2012 results

Aug. 31 Spencer W, 47-6

Sept. 6 Shaw W, 18-13

Sept. 14 Colquitt County L, 33-0

Sept. 21 Tri-Cities W, 32-20

Sept. 28 Pike County W, 38-3

Oct. 12 Henry County W, 47-0

Oct. 19 Southwest-Macon W, 53-0

Oct. 25 Central-Macon W, 46-14

Nov. 2 Peach County W, 26-17

Nov. 9 Jackson W, 26-6

*Nov. 16 Dodge County W, 42-21

*Nov. 23 Rockmart W, 45-16

*Nov. 30 Buford L, 31-7



No. Name Class Pos.

1 Tim Whatley Sr. FB/LB

2 Jawon Pass So. QB

4 Fred Coleman Sr. RB/DB

5 Dequindre Coleman Sr. WR/DB

6 Talik Quarterman Jr. RB/DB

7 Nate Barley Jr. WR/DB

8 Dreilon Freeman Sr. WR/DB

9 Kiante Walton Sr. WR/DB

10 Mekhi Brown J. TE/LB

11 Khane Pass Jr. B/DB

12 Javontay Smith So. WR/DB

12 Isaiah Webster Fr. QB

13 Rackwon Lowe Sr. WR/DB

14 Kobe Hatcher Sr. RB/DB

15 Carlin Washington Jr. WR/DB

16 Tarence Culver So. WR/DB

17 Robert Henderson So. W/DB

18 Lanario McDaniel Jr. RB/DB

19 Dominique Johnson Sr. TE/DE

20 Aaron Hurt So. RB/DB

21 Noah Hickey Sr. FB/LB

22 Giovannia Moore Fr. RB/LB

23 Quaison Smith So. FB/LB

24 Justin Dore So. RB/LB

25 Jacolby Hatcher Fr. WR/DB

26 Gerald Reid So. FB/LB

27 Cameron Jesse Fr. RB/DB

28 Tyrie Wicker Jr. RB/DB

29 Kapatrick Rogers So. RB/DB

31 US Beasley Fr. RB/DB

32 Devon Wynn Jr. FB/LB

33 Jordan Smith Jr. FB/LB

34 Ashton Calhoun So. FB/LB

35 Luckie Rozier Jr. FB/LB

36 Andrew Carter Jr. WR/DB

37 Reginald Coleman Jr. WR/DB

38 John Stewart So. B/LB

39 Chris Upshaw So. WR/DB

40 Curtis Veasley So. TE/LB

41 Josh Curry Jr. TE/DL

42 Derrell Hicks Sr. FB/LB

43 Tim London Sr. FB/LB

44 MikeBarker Sr. TE/LB

45 Robert Jernigan Jr. TE/DL

46 Travon Lowe So. WR/DB

47 Kenneth Dorsey Sr. FB/DL

48 Qhalif Kimbrough Sr. WR/DB

49 DaQarious Johnson Sr. RB/LB

50 Bryan Calhoun Fr. OL/DL

51 Shannon Buckner Jr. OL/LB

52 RJ Cummings Fr. LB/FB

53 James Jones Sr. OL/DL

54 Dondrell Allen Sr. OL/DL

55 Codarius Smith Sr. OL/DL

56 K.J. Johnson Jr. OL/DL

57 TJ Branscomb Jr. OL/DL

58 Deanquez Morales Fr. OL/DL

59 Lyndon Johnson Fr. OL/DL

60 Ricky Hardaway So. OL/DL

61 Kemetrius Hector Sr. OL/DL

62 Oreonde Glover So. OL/DL

64 TJ London Jr. OL/DL

65 Fred Williams So. OL/DL

66 Daimon Cromwell So. OL/DL

67 Kelmun Hood Fr. OL/DL

68 Garrett Coleman Sr. OL/DL

69 Demetrius Lewis Jr. OL/DL

71 Tyrik Baskin So. OL/DL

72 Tyler Davis So. OL/DL

73 Eric Jenkins Fr. OL/DL

74 Chance Gladney Fr. OL/DL

75 Calvin Livesy Fr. OL/DL

76 Zack Seldon So. OL/DL

77 Cadarius Cody So. OL/DL

78 Berail Smith Jr. OL/DL

79 Joshua Frazier Sr. OL/DL

80 Tim James Fr. WR/DB

81 Kwandon Tymes Fr. WR/DB

82 Javontay Marton WR/DB Fr.

84 Chaz Douglas Jr. WR/DB

85 Dequente Colston Sr. WR/DB

88 Brandon Gaines Fr. WR/DB

89 Nigel Sims Jr. TE/LB

90 Dwayne Melvin Fr. TE/DL

91 Cameron Ashe Fr. FB/LB

92 Deshawn Dawson Fr. FB/LB

93 Niemus Bryant Sr. TE/LB

95 Jordan Rivers So. TE/DL

97 Kevonte Finch Jr. TE/LB